Notice of strategic adjustment of Baseus Europe Branch Company


Dear Baseus consumers and users,

Considering on the global strategic planning of Baseus China headquarters, Baseus Europe branch has to make some adjustments. We officially regret to inform you that from January 20, 2022, no business activities would be held by Baseus Europe GmbH. The website of Baseus Europe ( will be closed and you can not purchase Baseus products directly through this website. For consumers and users who had orders, we will continually provide service for you. In order to protect your rights and interests, Mr. Robert Melchior is still in charge of all matters of Baseus Europe during this period. If you have any questions about Baseus products or affairs, you can contact with Mr. Robert Melchior as +49 179 866 8888 and in time.

Thank you again for your long-term support and attention to Baseus Europe and Baseus China. Baseus Europe will come soon with the latest appearance, providing you with a variety of products and services including home appliances, mobile phones, and smart accessories etc..


Shenzhen Beisi Technology Co.,Ltd

Jan 17 2022